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Shoretel Solutions

Want a hosted, managed service from the cloud? Prefer to maintain onsite control? Want a mix of both? ShoreTel Connect is the one business communications platform that does it all.

We’ve designed ShoreTel Connect to be the most reliable, fl exible and intuitive business communications solution. ShoreTel brings a fundamentally different approach to phone system technology and the user communications experience to create a seamless delivery of services and applications that will work for your company today and adapt gracefully as your business needs change in the future.

The result? Greater business fl exibility and customer insights, heightened workforce productivity, and lower IT operating costs for your business.

More than just a “phone system,” ShoreTel Connect is unifi ed communications (UC) at its best. ShoreTel Connect features include:

The business advantages of this groundbreaking approach are clear. By cutting IT complexity, ShoreTel Connect cuts costs and frees up staffing, training, maintenance, and financial resources so you can focus on your business, rather than your phone system. By simplifying the user experience and making it more natural, ShoreTel Connect opens new avenues for more spontaneous, productive and profitable collaboration between your employees, partners and customers.

One platform and user experience. Two delivery choices. Three deployment options. Read on to learn how ShoreTel Connect is fundamentally different from UC solutions offered by other providers.